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Lift&co Cannabis Learning Guide: Where to Buy Cannabis (Part 6)

Cannabis Learning Guide

Until the Cannabis Act finally passes, the only way to legally obtain marijuana is by registering with the Canadian government under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) through a healthcare practitioner.

Sources For Buying Cannabis In Canada


Despite popular misconceptions, clinics aren’t the same as Cannabis Shops and have no cannabis for you. They are instead where you go to get official permission from a doctor to legally access it for medical purposes so you can order it online.

There are several steps involved in getting registered for a medical marijuana license under ACMPR. First you talk to a doctor or nurse about specific ailments. If they approve your request, they will either fill out a form with your information, which is then sent to a licensed producer, or if they’re unfamiliar with the process they could refer you to a cannabinoid clinic. You can also search our directory to find one. These clinics are staffed by doctors who specialize in prescribing cannabis.

Once authorized, you’ll legally be allowed to purchase a set amount of cannabis flower or oil per month, which varies with each individual depending on the condition being treated. Mail Order/Licensed Producers.

Once you’re registered through ACMPR, you can access cannabis through a Licensed Producer or Health Canada. If you’re buying through an LP, the process involves signing up online and placing an order. Once your order is sent, cannabis will be delivered to your address via courier.

Licensed Retailers

Since October 17, 2018, you can buy products from licensed retailers. Depending on the province, these retailers could be government-owed, privately-owned or a hybrid of both. You can buy online purchasing from these licensed retailers.


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